Joining Therapy Paws is an important step in bringing smiles to those who could use a lift from your team’s visits.  The requirements are few, but important.

    • Your pet must be at least one year old and you must have owned you pet for at least six months.
    • Your pet must be in good health and current on all required health vaccines, tests, and examinations.
    • You and your pet must to be evaluated and become a registered therapy team with  Intermountain Therapy Animals.  Please go to for Intermountain Therapy Animals information.
    • Upon successful completion of your Intermountain Therapy Animals and receipt of your therapy pet registration, you will complete an on-line application to join Therapy Paws.  You will be asked to up-load copies of a few documents.  The link for the application is below.
    • Once you have submitted your online application, a member of Therapy Paws will contact you and help facilitate you and your pet through the remainder of the application process.  This will include, as appropriate,
      • an informal meeting to get to know you and your pet a little better and to make sure this is a good fit for all of us;
      • “shadowing” a Therapy Paws team at one of our facilities (without your pet) to see what we do firsthand;
      • and three supervised visits by you and you pet with a current Therapy Paws member at the one or more of our facilities.
    • Once you have completed the three supervised visits we will ask for your dues ($15/year prorated as to when you are joining), issue you a shirt, give you an order form for BookBarks and issue you a Therapy Paws badge.
    • Where applicable, you will be asked to complete a volunteer program application with your chosen facility complying with all their requirements to become a volunteer which may require health tests.
    • You should be willing to volunteer a minimum of two visits per month at the facility of your choice.
    • We recommend you purchase a vest for your pet with “Therapy Dog” or “Therapy Pet” patches to provide a visual indication to the facilities you visit that you are “on duty”.


Not ready to apply yet but want more information?  You can contact us.

To start your application process, Apply Now!








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