Our President Speaks, A Reflection on 2017

Dear Supporters, Members and Friends,

On April 2, 2017 I became president of Therapy Paws.  It came as a total surprise to me and the Therapy Paws Board.  I had no experience being a President in any of my prior endeavors. I was apprehensive but soon became excited about the challenges and the potential for our organization.   Stepping into my new leadership role learning from the Board and where they thought our organization stood and their expectations for the future was critical.   My belief has always been that Therapy Paws should be led by the Board who represent our members.  Therefore, seeking counsel and wisdom, listening and asking lots of questions became the norm of how to operate.   If mistakes happened I owned up to them and collaborated with the Board resulting in building a solid team.  Soon confidence came with this role along with my learning and growing as an individual.  And we were having a ton of fun!

It became apparent that we were resolved to place the integrity of Therapy Paw first and foremost as we moved into this new chapter.  Therapy Paws comes first and our role in the community should embody integrity. That led me to meet with all of the facilities at which we volunteer and ask them what we could do better.  The feedback   was overwhelmingly positive about the Therapy Paws organization and all of our volunteers who make this so special.

This first year has been a whirlwind. On the business side we made changes to our by-laws, policies, and procedures to reflect the insurance changes with Pet Partners and Alliance of Therapy Dogs. We developed our online One Drive program to accommodate new teams wanting to join Therapy Paws. We went live with our amazing website. No more sending registration, rabies and fecal papers to us, everything is uploaded.  We started a new initiative launching the R.E.A.D Program at the Barbara B. Robey School in Litchfield Park and the Odyssey Academy School in Buckeye. On the lighter side, this was our first year ever with a float in the Litchfield Christmas parade. We were also featured guests at the PebbleCreek 9Holer Christmas Party showcasing the Southwest Family Advocacy Center and Therapy Paws.  And just recently, we were awarded a grant from the West Valley Mavericks.

Looking at the past year, what was accomplished could not have been done without my amazing Board and webmaster. They are a dedicated group of people moving Therapy Paws to new and improved ways of doing good. They push and support me and always let me know they have my back.

And to the members of Therapy Paws, thank you for your kindness in my “learning year” as President.  Here’s to 2018 and continuing our journey together because without you there is no Therapy Paws!


Kathleen Molony



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